to Jun 20

11:41 AM @ 40° 59′ 13.2″ N, 44° 11′ 6″ E


The 1988 earthquake that devastated Spitak in Armenia, killing 25k and reducing the region to rubble, did not directly inspire my work soliciting sympathetic artistic expression, but instead triggered a response in my personal and material process. 

After witnessing the aftermath of the quake my work took on a more intimate and extroverted nature.  My process is rarely planned, rather improvised as the piece comes into being. Originally focusing on planar compositions, I found myself suddenly resonating with an internal voice drawing me to escape the two-dimensional. 

Suddenly in the realm of sculpture, relief and mixed media, I began experimenting with materials and textures. I acquired new process and materials in an attempt to translate my reading of the disaster. 

Works evolved to resemble the debris. Overlays of texture - raw and worked - echoed the form and spirit of rubble; a second-wind for dismantled structures, breathing new life into ruins.   

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