This space, adjacent to the gallery offers a little room with projects for a cause : calligraphy contest , bags from recycled plastic, collectif to raise money for the free concerts, plant a tree sponsored by the American University of Beirut...

It is also offered to artists with experimental projects such as hologram projection, installation,....

JUNE 2019 Family Affair Isabelle Cochrane & Maria Riccardi

April 2019 George Maktabi

DECEMBER 2018 Azza Haidar

 SEPTEMBER 2018                                         Nihad Al Turk 


JULY 2018                                                      Sarkis Joulfayan


FEBRUARY 2016.                                              Ghina Sibai


MARCH 2016                                                 Johnny Semaan


JANUARY 2016                                               Nour Kays


MAY 2016                                                         Fans Project               


JUNE 2017                                               Jessica Schoucair   


SEPTEMBER 2017                                        Georges Yazbeck